Cogito” a concert to celebrate the 7th International Day of Dance

Founding Director, Dr. Seonagh Odiambo.


About Cogito

“As artists, we battle the confines of gender, as a scaffolding that predetermines everything from what we think and do, to sometimes even who we love. Resting on our shoulders is a daily pressure regarding how we are supposed to think, without consideration to how we feel or choose to represent our own identities. The existence of the mind does not depend on the body. Furthermore, the strength of the mind does not depend on the strength of the body. As artists, we have a responsibility to tear down cultural barriers. In every thought a reflection of our past, present, and future is embodied. Refusing our oppressors, we present seeds that unsex and liberate our gender roles. Cogito is a celebration of this blooming.”

– Artistic Director, Lizett Galan



A destruction of the conscious mind.

Choreo: Daniel Jacob Glenn
Dancers: Daniel Jacob Glenn & I (Amaris Jacobs)
Images: Revival Reels

Good Friday Art

God Bless.


(source: & Artsy)

‘ In 1996, Dan Flavin designed a massive site-specific work for Santa Maria Annuciata in Chiesa Rossa, a church designed by Giovanni Muzio in the 1930s in Milan, Italy. He transformed the space with his signature fluorescent light, using blue for the nave, pink for the transept, and gold for the apse. ‘

2 corinthians 13: 11

Galatians 6:7