when my fingers twist my hair,
what you gon' do?
please sit while I twist 'round my scalp,
and talk to you.

my hand aches from braids and twists,
my small fingers and hands

sore and slightly bruised

mixed girl joy
black girl magic
brown girl glory
I advocate for two.

she sits, and stares at herself in the mirror
twist 1
twist 2

when my fingers twist my hair,
what you gon' do?
please sit while I twist 'round my scalp
and talk to you.

in Berlin with crystal

I'm as close to visiting Berlin as I ever have been. Beautiful.

My girl is traveling Europe! I miss her and our creative adventures, but she'll be back soon, (I hope).

I modeled for a video and photography exhibition of hers. (Low key I'm out there) What a memorable project, I'm honored!

The best part…
I'm excited because I get exclusive post cards. How beautiful is this capture by Crystal Gwyn?

Living vicariously,
Safe travels 💖 and I love you.

She’s been back.

I missed writing, and rhyming. I hope my readers are enjoying my new material! Summer is ending, which means a new season approaches. What a crazy year! Most definitely my most difficult year in terms of personal enrichment. I'm excited to shift accordingly as writer and artist, but especially as an overall human being. I've began my introvert tendencies. The seasons and I are loyal to one another.

I've minimized my participation on social media. No more Twitter or Facebook. However, catch me on Instagram, sound cloud, and this platform, my blog.

I can't believe how active I was on media this year. It was nice to familiarize myself with our generations outlets. I definitely indulged and expressed myself.

For a long time, ages 17-21, I did not participate on media at all, I was completely kept to myself. I didn't publicize any of my work or thoughts. several found such to be odd for a young woman my age. Truthfully, I'd love to go back to absence on social media, it's something I have been pondering. My creativity is most free when I feel free, and that's usually when i'm away from social media.

Time will tell my next step.

However, this blog remains sacred, and a huge part of my healing maturity and bloom.

Lots of love.
Have a good night
Let's talk soon.

summer finna end.

summer finna end.
you still ain’t give She monday morning head.
the thoughts in your head,
head are the thoughts in your head.
give me head
before September ends.
fully dressed
except when I walk in your head.
summer finna end
today is gonna end
you and she
we got no end
travel LA streets
that’s zen.
Summer finna end
you still ain’t give She monday morning head.
(click link “monday morning” for reference to original poem)


I wondered if it was
hello or goodbye
a whole different universe
galaxies of different minds.
I guess it's goodbye.
It always seems to be goodbye..
Now, I can say hello.
hello mercury retrograde.
what doesn't make sense
now makes sense.
hello or goodbye

Watch She

I dance for my eyes only,
toes pointe for my eyes only
I rock to the side of my room
only to find myself in front of the mirror
It's small inside this room.
exhibit color's of fuchsia, orange, green, purple, and blue.
This movement is conscious
So much so
I am unconscious
Defy with my body
Fingers and flesh,
My favorite part of the body.
in a trance
Patterns and shapes
Tell she, you can relate
is oh so sweet
Melody is breath
And a couple beats
So much heat
So advance
a symphony of sounds from Me
remove frowns.
I dance with crown.
Vocabulary in the bedroom of She
perhaps not what you expect from me

Lola and Lulu, my plants, watch She.

Purple lily pad

Every hour
I'm devoured
By time
In time
I'll devour every hour
Mountain tops
I'm on top
How did I arrive?
I witness Sky
With the Flower
I question
And Life
Flower locks
I'm unlocked
For flower talks
She stops.
Mountain tops
I'm on top
What is time time time
She tells me
It doesn't matter
I'm divine divine divine
They're just fine fine fine
I'd rather be divine divine divine
In this hour I devour
Lily pads
Purple lily

I'm so high on top of mountain with flower and sky.

Sh*t talking.

Everyone likes to mess with She,
calm and peace are my serenity,
but don't you dare start a mess with
or you gon' see
the wack ass bitch you are to me.
I mean
Everyone likes to mess with She
Let me show you what it means
to level up to me.
Money talk
All these thots
Y'all sound like a bunch of fake ass robots
I mean
When all that money is stripped and gone
You still a thot
I'll still have my rich thoughts
That's that money talk.
Level up to me.
Ignorant minds,
I can't stand to see.
Thots is all I see
Thots keep trying to mess with me

I don't want to see.