if she were a plant

my friend drove me out to the OC yesterday. The public display of their abundance of wealth is a sight more intriguing than the beautiful beaches. I’ll upload the nice pictures of the water later, but I was also mesmerized by their vegetation! Their plants and food out there is quality and vibrant. 

After spending most of the day there, we ate subway. Some lady who reeked wealth had a fit over 50 cents with an employee. It reminded me of my days working at Macy’s where rich people treated me horrible for simply existing and breathing..

I was so intrigued by the ugly behavior she demonstrated in front of her child against an employee, that I had to re place myself in my environment.

The subway out there…

They even have fancier disposable cups, paper wrap, and their meat and vegetables were the prettiest produce I’d seen in a while. I realized…

I too need to minimize my complaining. I had to be around porsches, BMW’s, and stank attitude to re humble myself. So I’m back! And my bad if I’ve ever come off as an entitled brat! Emotions do get the best of us all



Ps. If you know what the plant pictured above is called, let me know! The struggle of getting to know a plant and never catching it’s name when you leave…

An open letter

Hello, I’m Amaris Jacobs. I’m proudly half Latina and half Black, an emerging biracial Artist. I enjoy writing, dance, yoga, learning, and so much more. My area of study is Communications and Sociology at Pasadena City College. Most recently, I was admitted to UC Riverside as a Media and Cultural study major. During my time at Pasadena College, I completed the academic honors program. I was selected to represent my school’s campus for two consectuve years at American Dance College Association (ACDA). At ACDA, I attended workshops and performances that discussed and demonstrated, as well as merged, versatile art forms. I attribute ACDA to the ignition of my creative pursuits. My attendance at ACDA in 2016 inspired my self made voyage. I realize I can and will pursuit all that interests me, even if its difficult, or what some consider impossible. What I offer is a unique perspective to humanize our connected experiences. Last June, I created a wordpress blog that show cases several avenues in correlation to Art and Culture. My approach is under development because the concept is 1 year old, however; I focus and nurture the idea of standpoint feminism/womanism. In this blog of mine, I include poetry, essays, narrative, photography, drawings, music, painting, choreography, freestyle dance, and more. I collaborate my work with those who also inspire me. I’m so grateful for my blog’s incoming traffic, still I would love to appeal to a larger, or mass audience. I have very important and conscious messages and Art to deliver. I want to show who I am, while also featuring those whose work inspires my mood and authenticity. In April, I was selected as guest speaker for a three series digital dialogue event, Art as Activism. I was asked to present my blog’s published poem, “Sun(i)Rise” a rendition I made in response to Ms. Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I rise”. I received great feedback, and was kindly asked to perform/present my published work in form of tribute at our event, Art as Activism. It was my first spoken word, but all my internalized fear to pursue big dreams vanished. Lastly this year, I completed my yoga school. I attribute yoga to much of my consciousness because it grounds, as well as strengthens who I am. I love and attempt to empower myself as a young woman through all the activities I enjoy participating in. I recognize that in empowering myself, I also, empower others to live authentically. Nevertheless, I’m always willing to learn and engage in all that cultivates exponential growth. I have much to offer. Keeping my talents and abilities locked to myself has become a form of disrespect to my soul mission, as well as the world. Therefore, I’m truly ready to stride forward and continue the journey towards fulfilling who I am. I am self made. I am so self made- that I can’t tell you who I am because I am so much.

I hope you grant me the opportunity to increase and mature my artistic growth. I’m confident, and trust that I’m in a position in my life in which mentally I have all I need to succeed. However, what I need now- is my/a team of success to listen, offer, and believe in me.

‘Till our souls hopefully meet.

Amaris Jacobs