She responds to

Your kind of woman,
What a girl.
I’m yours yours yours
Your kind of woman
sweet heart,
you’re feeling so tired
don’t fall apart
it should all make sense to you
i stick right next to you whever you go
because i’m
yours yours yours
your kind of woman
what a girl.
i’m yours
you’re down on your hands and knees
beggin me
you want to show me your world
show me.
show me your world
your kind of woman
what a girl.

(Inspired by the song “My kind of woman” Mac Demarco)


orange juice

The wind whispers, but chimes don’t.
I was cold all night, it caused me to toss and turn.
I walk through my beaded curtains.
I arrive to clear water lagoon.
All I want is orange juice.
cold cold orange juice.


In broad day light or at night,
She walks the middle of the roads
when vehicles and motors are not around

I walk center on concrete for the thrill.