Welcome 🙂

Hi! I’m Amaris Jacobs 23 years old from LA, California. I’m a daughter, friend, Sociology and Communication student, dancer, yogi, aspiring author, and more.

I launched this website Summer of 2016 it was time to share She and establish a mission:

Art for Social Change.

This website of mine shares visions, inspirations, and emotions that cloud my head or strike my core. I have several passions; however, they fall within the realm of creativity. Movement, breathe, music, culture, writing, & art stimulate me. I’m a creative- it oozes out of my being, expect to witness pieces of me. Connect with She’s human experience. I live passionately whether it’s love, happiness, silly, curiousity, or painful. Experiences and sensations are moments to learn and live life’s rhythm. The mission is to harmonize that rhythm to be one with yourself, those around you, and the world. It’s a learning process of integration. The stumbles in life are extra fuel for my creativity .

It’s been a goal of mine to share my writing because I love to express ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. Words are powerful as they have the ability to inspire, enlighten, or shatter people from every walk of life. Interestingly, we each associate different meanings with words or sentence structure(s). Rarely do we pause to think of the intent behind what is said or projected. Instead, we accept words and meaning through our own perspective, which  ultimately reflects the individualistic self. For this reason, I ask that when reading my writing you resonate, but acknowledge you and I are different. My words may carry different meaning than what you interpret. Nonetheless, we may also be connecting through a humanistic bond of emotions and/or experiences.

This website is a snippet of a young woman’s Artistic journey. I’m Amaris Jacobs, She, and I’m creating my imaginative reality. May the good vibrations fuel us and our creative path.


You are loved.