a NUCREAT4RE @ evolution

I haven’t danced in a while.
In fact, I’ve been pretty kept to myself
I wondered when I’d come out of my turtle shell
I’m a tortoise
In my tortoise shell.

Yesterday I arrived at Evolution studios in North Hollywood.
I haven’t been inside studios in a long time, let alone danced in one.
I guess I’m sick of my bedroom.
I love purple.


strangers. I prefer strangers.


I’m not sure how we start talking, but we do.
She’s from Germany. She’s cute!
Yesterday, I was in ward, even when I was out.

She’ll leave in two weeks to return to her home, her country, and she doesn’t want to.
She’s a dancer,
And she can’t imagine herself not dancing everyday

She reminds and tells me how lucky I am to be from LA.
I pause in her perspective.
I hold the lump in my throat.
Why don’t I dance more, or everyday?

We enter the studio.
There are 5 of us.

Meditate while we lay.

I think, “Good. because I’m nervous”

I don’t feel like a dancer when I’m around other dancers.
I feel like a sociologist.

Sociological imagination. I travel the movement I witness,
And I wonder what instigates movement emotion behavior
What does your mind and body communicate to us?
Is how you dance-how you feel?

Fingertip to fingertip

5 movers
4 without She

Kick, jump, contract and release.

I spin
That’s when I’m freer free.
When I spin
I loose control

At Evolution, I evolve.
She made a NUCREAT4RE out naïve she.

+ + +

Evolution Studios:
10816 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Class information:
Rebekah Denegal


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