to my future partner

love me soft, hard, and openly
never raise your voice at me
make out with me in your car, house, and especially your sheets.
read my poems
inspire my poems
creators inspire we.
help create new material out of she
be rough tough
and gentle.
i like them a little street
a hood intellectual
read books with me
reccomend new books
bless my ganja, light it up for me,
i’ll bless our weed
toke with she
when i cry,
kiss me
grab some ass
and tickle me
help me with my homework
you have to learn with me.
when i’m frustrated
remind me i’m beautiful intelligent
all you’ll ever need.
ignore them ho’s
i like nature, picnics,
and beautiful scenery
ignore them ho’s
leave them please.
no strip clubs
not if you’re dating me.
aren’t i enough?
if you crave nudity,
stare at me.
good music
light my incense
smoke more weed
when i’m frustrated
cruise the streets
deep talks
deep thoughts.

intellectual intimacy

pacific coast highway
but the ocean is me
the ocean is inside she,
dive in the ocean
be soft loving and deep
rough tough and gentle
a hood intellectual
with lots of knowledge talent
and creativity.
sex and


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