Doja De Ville

Grew up with Doja rapping his songs to me. He use to write some raps next to me in the car or while we waited to get seated at restaurants. I think a part of me was very lost because i needed a reminder of old Doja, the 17 year old I once knew. At one point, We were madly in love with one another, and each other’s healers. We understand the versatile facets, or alter ego of an artist, and pushing the boundaries of free speech through artistry. 

Everyone shows Doja mad luv because he’s mad talented, but also actually has the one of biggest hearts (when he chooses to). He has been a provider for so many people, especially his family. Those type of burdens take a psychological toll on our male youth from every diverse background. Thank you for reminding me who you were and who i once was too. I want to see us grow and flourish from this point on. I hope you get so rich Doja that you sit on your large sum. Knowing you, you’d give much away to those in need just as you always have…

Forget the mess. I send you my love from above and wish you the absolute best. 

Bump Doja, and when you see him show him love and respect. I cherish our good times. I love you papirian! lucky to be eachothers first love.  😇 ✌🏾 be safe!

till our paths cross.



naïve she.


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