Made it.

waited for summer to dance.
its summer, so quick, one glance
i’m stiff.
my body doesnt want to move 
i’ve been idle for too long.
i’m rusty, and embarrassed of the movement and creativity that exudes 
Naïve she
no longer a muse
so institutionalized.
money, livin’, and i’m still up in here
day dreamz
i can barely speak my mind
with a glare that leaves me blind

he said remember those other times you weren’t suppose to make it. bounce back, want it, and take it.

i’m reminded of the times i almost didnt graduate high school. yeah, i almost didnt make it

what’s so bad about failing a stats class a second time …
when there’s real life shit on my mind
she got me measuring my pinky
i only wanna lift my pinky if i’m sippin wine
after all the shit i’ve gone through
it wouldnt be the end of the world

Naïve She
Fallen angel
not fair to my mind

here’s another talent locked up in their world. Naïve she fallin’ behind

wonder where i’ll be next year..
wonder where i’ll be a month from now
wonder where i’ll be tomorrow

remember those times you weren’t suppose to make it. bounce back..

i reply, i’m just glad i got ta see another day
i made it.

another vision

Cap and gown

Momma I made it.


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