Dear college students

Dear college students,
Please be aware that your professors stalk your media, that is where preconceived notions, prejudice, and bias stem from. Much of the material you post will lead to microaggressions in the classroom.  For instance, my professor likes to dangle her close relationship with her father during lecture, and throws me a random smirk. Yes, she knows my trigger points based on the data she has collected, such as my fathers death, especially since we’ve had a heart to heart about my fathers death. Little did I know it would also be her ammunition..,

Lastly, please pay attention to your hand outs. Sometimes they staple your work out of order, while other individual’s work is in order, all to toy with your intellect. 

This type of behavior sets you up for failure because you’re in environment where energy is set up against you, without your knowledge. Thus, it causes discomfort and the likelihood of wanting to drop, or not produce work.


Naïve she.


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