why is everyone an as*h*le?

I don’t seem to understand the problem
when I have, I give..
do I think too frequently of what a person of God would do?
the world withholds resources and announces that all must be earned..
greed envy hate permeates power
where is love compassion and humility
what is wrong with moving forward if we know we are enough
why do you restrict me when I know I am enough
is it wrong to want better, or become better, a decent human being.
I wonder,
why withhold when there’s so much potential when we give instead of take, when we listen instead of speak, when we love instead of hurt?
power tastes sensational,
but it does nothing if it hasn’t helped those who cry their need.
you are in power
why do they withhold their needs?
The children starve, the people fleet, refuge, and many live on the street.
so hungry
they can not sleep…
there’s plenty for everyone in this society.
They say no hand outs, but why wouldn’t you lend a helping hand?
God is my religion,
I wonder how we behave in this manner
when plenty exists
it’s practically an ocean, God’s pool.
why is everyone an as*h*le?

They say naïve she is a brat,
but i dont understand the problem
when i have, i give


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