The reason I failed statistics during Spring

I wrote all over my 3 exams as a form of resistance. I was encouraged to speak on what I’d written because I expressed what was truly bothering me. I was pulled aside,

“The civil rights era occurred because one person spoke up.” Her words, not mine.

She hugs me while I’m drenched in tears. Her profession has taught her to pull forth sensitive information, which ate me for 5 months. She wipes my tears and removes my hair from my face

I trust her, so I speak up. I express myself in hope of solidarity. I needed one person to hear me, and she does.

Time goes by

My emotions and experience are placed on their institutional shelf. I guess I was over dramatic…
My concerns were not acknowledged,

Instead ignored.

Naturally, I resort back to submissive behavior.. and I apologized for my actions.

But now I realize

It is them who owe me an apology for wasting my time, ignoring my feelings, and not acknowledging my concerns. Lastly, mocking my emotional intelligence.

Naïve she.

So trusting



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