This year I was asked to dance a second time for Cal State LA’s International day of dance event. I was a returning member, and as always extremely grateful for spaces to release, especially because I’m not their enrolled student. Last year, they were my first professional paid gig! (Finally I’m sort of a “professional” dancer. I thought.)

here I am quickly improvising to the sound of my breath in their beautiful studio.

This summer I was selected as a scholarship recipient for CSU summer arts. I was accepted in a cinematography course,

and two dance intensives with socially conscious dance companies called

Urban Bush Women &


Sadly I declined to retake statistics.

The culmination of decisions have brought me to this point, but the truth is I invite individuals to live the life of women, add to the mix a women of color in interdisciplinary areas/fields.

Unfortunately, my ex partner did not make our break up easy. I’ll always love the old you. However, my academics and dance career dwindled from the effects of several people’s selfish behavior, and I unable to cope or push through.

Dance is my passion. I dance freely in my bedroom because I’m mostly told how or what to do. I don’t mind because I love learning, but sometimes I crave to release my God given talent with the knowledge others gave me. Technique and training are never easy, it requires dedication, discipline, and commitment. Training is similar to academics,

the difference is dance provides a space for individualism and improvisation


I planned to utilize this summer to release all before Fall’s admission

but my world was turned upside down,

I don’t like to write everything I go through

… that’s what dance is for.


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