UC Riverside 

If I don’t pass math,
will you still want me?
it’s been years since i’ve been able to pass
a math class
will my intellect be tossed aside…
i’m ready, but
i don’t think i can do another math class
my creativity is tortured
i’m tortured deep inside
what’s the ratio
for weakness and strengths
non traditional student!
sometimes world makes us late.
i understand the importance of statistician,
history anthropology sociology
can collaborate.
i’ll collect data, create surveys, interpret and analyze
make sure there’s no bias
or fraudulent standard errors
access denied!!
is my intellect insufficient
are my talents and abilities
will we toss
good one
Marginalized intellect over here,
please don’t toss me aside!
art as activism
culture and media program
i’d make you mine
challenge she towards
dance choreography theories philosophies essays articles ethnography poetry and journals
i haven’t show you my films.
so much awaits
what’s inside?
let it begin.
i haven’t discussed my ideas
take a look at she
from deep deep deep deep
my creativity is tortured
plug in the variables
i’m in a systematic lion’s dens.
am i insufficient if i can’t
pass this
math class

I’m ready,
please let naïve She in.


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