One year anniversary


I am naïve She.

Yesterday was my blog’s One year anniversary, lots of truth effort joy love and pain. All the love out weighs. be confident and know, i will always love you, each of you, man and woman. I love each of you. 
Thank you to those who support my blog, share feedback, and engage. Undeniably, this blog has become my precious treasure because of authenticity, but also other’s efforts of selflessness. Second, thank you to those who inspire my work in many ways, good or bad. Third, continue to read! Always feel free to contact me via media or in person to collaborate creatively.  Lastly, please be aware 

virtual and physical reality are two different dimensions. I’m genuinely shy in person till comfortable.


New readers,

Welcome!! 🙂 pass my work to those who relate or need healing!

Much love appreciation peace & thought,

Amaris Jacobs

naïve She.


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