Mission Statement: naïve Art

Mission: naïve Art for social change.
a blog, platform, and research project focused on applicable theories related to stand point feminism/ / womanism, communication studies, sociology / / anthropology, and cultural studies, through writing and art.

Art is defined as forms of creative expression that are guided by aesthetic principles and involve imagination, skill, and style. Art is present in every culture, our universal language, it embellishes identity, reality, and perception, as well as creates a cultural attitude. A naïve artist exists within each of us. creative and experimental, I explore versatile artistic elements to journal perspectives connected to religion, gender, sexuality, race, and lastly, socio- emotional, economic, and political culture. My objective is to authentically express myself, but also institute a cultural attitude that collaborates with stand point womanism via media communication, and performative languages.

Art and creativity are (also) mental exercises that realign mind, body, and spirit. It requires strength and consciousness to delve into layers of self.  To harness and manifest a sense of freedom, I individualize and discover my creative preferences and abilities. I want to amplify the use of Art and creativity, a cultural capita, to resonate back to an essential part of our core human self.

Through Art, language, and other styles of communication I reflect ideas, objects, relationships, and environments in relation to my highest and lowest self. I remind audiences of Art’s powerful healing properties in society, and dire times. All forms of Art enable us to unify, inspire, and deliver messages we each wish to exude. I expect to raise awareness, and perhaps some controversy, as an effort to enlighten others of ambiguity, and minimize social exclusion, or marginalization.

Till our souls meet. <<+>>


Amaris Jacobs


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