Thank you for providing food, blessing me with a meal. Provide for those who are hungry, your forgotten children of the world. so much food, and they starve your children. I don’t seem to understand either, God. Bless.

I believe human’s savage like behavior stems from their diet consumption, which includes too much meat. I’m an occasional meat eater myself, however; I humbly suggest minimizing meat intake, especially if vegetarianism or veganism are a challenge, as it is for me. I consider my intake for reasons connected to temple, the planet, and animals, as well as digestion, and biodegradation. i do slip up, but the ratio of not engaging in meat consumption compared to when i do engage, out weighs.

Lately I’ve found pleasure and joy when I cook. Creating a beautiful, clean, healthy, and presentable plate that also tastes delicious is a skill. I admire Chefs, and especially culinary arts. I spent many days watching the food network with out cooking. Now i find myself applying all i thought i mindlessly watched. Also, i’m lucky several women from my family and life are great cooks. I gaze, and learn, ask some questions, and improvise as i go.  Rule #1

• Never complete meals with out dessert •



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