Hello, Summer.

it’s monday afternoon, 20 minutes till noon.
I took a break from homework …

Spring season was a whirlpool of beauty and nightmare. I was binded by illusions, aches and pain, betrayal, mess, accomplishments, and commitments. I need a moment to myself, to reflect and grieve, to improve in mystery.

I remove 6 blinds. Yes. 6 blinds from eyes.

Hello, Summer.

Spring season was a culmination of emotions and experiences. I’m tender, but in the midst of my tenderness I find myself stronger than ever. softness requires strength. I apologize for my brokenness. Some didn’t receive the best of me. Everyone deserves the best of me. We deserve the best of we.

Sometimes life gets the best of me, the best of we.

I’m sorry. I let too many affect the best of She.

(she sweeps the pieces.)

Spring I only wrote poetry. I only wrote poetry because I couldn’t speak. Sometimes I’d burst, I’d speak. Truthfully, I could barely write in any format, other than poetry. meek.
I was broken..
so broken

my words
my words

responsibilities and heavy weight emotions. I’d given myself to everyone, but me. I need a moment, to reflect and grieve.

new state of maturity.

I evolve
yet again.

a month ago I planned to pack up and leave.
some months ago I thought of exiting reality
i’m my own member in this society

the pragmatism of She.

I forgot how much I indulge in my created creative reality
something something something
I forgot.

I remove 6 blinds. Yes. 6 blinds from eyes.

Hello, Summer.


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