Sunday morning, i fly.


I was at a yard sale with my family years ago. We rid clothes, jewelry, shoes, and purses. Stuff we each no longer fit in, want, or need for $. I was always excited for yard sale’s. Young me loved to keep my older cousin’s clothing and jewelry. Her hand me downs were usually my treasure. I enjoyed  spending quality time with my family. I was 15 years old or so… the rule is before you sell make sure one of your little cousins goes through your give aways

Her clothes were my dress up.

She rid, sold, and bought new. She was our model, and I “the photographer” who loved to take her pictures. Later on we’d print and frame her poses and post some photos on her blog. She’s approximately seven years older than me. I find myself slightly influenced by her, but also returning to the core of young me.

When the internet emerged for our generation, which was before I was 15 years old, the parents in my family timed my cousins and I when surfing the web. Yes, AOL was a luxury at some point in time. I wrote constantly whether on  xanga, blogspot, wordpress,tumblr, or some random url no one has heard of. who you see here is who I’ve almost always been…
some growth and some maturity..
lots of creativity
same ol

We station ourselves and sit at the corner of her and her mother’s apartment to sell. Underneath California Palm trees in front of the building…She speaks:

Oh Amer,
I was going to sell this but if you want it keep it

She hands me a necklace with a small green butterfly.
place it gently around my neck


metamorphic. I fly.


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