Black lives matter

 as an empath,  it’s difficult to repost or write about trump or killings going on in America. America is pretty tragic rn sadly:/ and sometimes we need a break, especially bc cops are very triggersome for some of us, including myself. I spent some of my childhood  pulled over by cops when my dad was the driver. I’d get questioned by officers asking whether I was kidnapped.. “uh no, that tall black man is my dad”. I was always so confused as to why we’d get pulled over frequently in ONE day. Insult to injury is how officers dared to antagonize my child self. I always felt my intellect tested, I still do, but also pressured to advocate/defend my father. I would get irritated when we were pulled over because 1, I thought it was embarrassing 2, it always interrupted fun plans like pool days, the library, and more. It would put my dad in such a bad mood he would sometimes end up driving back home, and calling the day quits. sometimes visits with my dad were painful.  Plans with him didn’t always feel solid. Now, I recognize the man was doing all he could to be a father, and also live as black man in America. 

For this reason, I will sometimes refrain from certain topics. Though I’m an emerging activist, I (also) have to preserve myself. 

I submerge whole heartedly in art to escape the world

no matter the tragic occurrences Black lives will always matter to me! Lastly, I’d like to say these shootings are the reason why I speak against cultural appropriation in mass media, it affects each member of the community. 


Amaris Jacobs



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