no one

the phase of recovery
is interesting
ups and downs
but its starting to feel like
less ups
and more
i’m being re stripped
a couple more punches
and displays of a broken ego
will you love me when i’m nothing
will you love me when i’m no one
i’m already no one


‘private’: so many qstns

he asked me,
What do you see in yourself?
no reply.
he speaks,
smoothness is apart of the essence
the depths of soul.
What is life for you?
no reply.
I wonder
who are you?
What makes you hop out the bed in the morning to pursue your desires?
no reply.
you ask so many questions, he left She mute.


June 12

I meet you at the garden
kiss She around
wild love on the grass
I’m your favorite view
I meet you by the purple flowers

He walked away
He walks away
like you always do.

my soul is blue