An accurate portrayal

An accurate portrayal

Photographer/ edits:

Emerson Eoff,

This day was honestly a good day for us. I felt so cool being photographed by her in the heart beat of Los Angeles, Downtown LA. I met Emerson in my speech class, she asked to photograph me. She’s such a talent! & she gives me interesting insight too. Thanks for the edits and photograph! I’m in disbelief. It’s my current mood! Thank you Emerson!


no one

the phase of recovery
is interesting
ups and downs
but its starting to feel like
less ups
and more
i’m being re stripped
a couple more punches
and displays of a broken ego
will you love me when i’m nothing
will you love me when i’m no one
i’m already no one


People assume I’m having sexual affairs with a woman.
that i spend too much time in my leisure
I recover from agony
bc those who’ve inflicted pain failed to take responsibility for their actions
a shift in priorities
to regenerate my
state of mind
my internalization is treated as a performance
as an exaggeration
My academics dwindle
and the educators employed
are more concerned with assessing my value
rather than increasing my value
status quo
so many uniforms

you broke a good one
they halt a good one
you broke a good one.


Standard Error

My talents and abilities aren’t nurtured appropriately. I wonder why you want me to adapt towards something that isn’t meant for the purpose of my soul mission ?
So much in She, and yet they want me to be something society demands from She,
Not what most High sees and demands for me
Don’t you see…
You’re not nurturing my talents and abilities appropriately
You’re not nurturing me appropriately
I fall from Glory.
True story
Catch me it’s a horror story
Marginalized She because they demand the wrong from She
She’s not nurtured appropriately
Talent and abilities,
Standard Error

misunderstood She

her words slapped me
slapped me back in my reality
every time she crushes me
She crushes me
Just like the World crushes She.
I can’t believe
If it wasn’t for her I’d exit and leave
I mean
I mean
I mean
I exit and leave.
3 contextual meanings for She
But her words
Slap me
How do I make them understand She?