I met this organization in early May at my school’s campus. The organization focuses on helping individuals who are or were victims of sex trafficking. I immediately knew I wanted to get involved and help as best as I can, but I had no idea what my calling for this organization would be

Today I felt extremely small, and big. I went through victims art work and I also got to hear an individual’s testimony. I walk out confident in knowing Art heals

After spending all weekend printing some of poems, I didn’t realize some of my First ever prints would be for this organization.

I am fulfilled. And I hope my poems only reach more individuals who are in need of healing and the perspective of a woman of color.

I will be organizing my first ever poetry workshop with some of the victims.

All of a sudden my out look on life has shifted. I can’t believe their stories…

the energy in the art work was dense. I refrained from taking a lot of pictures and posting more of their work because it’s extremely sensitive. Instead, I picked two powerful pieces that reflect optimism, and resonate with myself.

Much love to the World.

Please visit their website

1st book

Hi readers,

Thanks to those who’ve shown unconditional love and support. Most especially, thank you to those kind enough to reach out and share words with me. As a an artist and writer, we are sensitive creative beings and in need of validation in our craft. However, I found some strength in my solitude. It’s time I make my dreams a reality! So! Good news loyal readers, I am working on my first book. Prints available soon! I will be delivering single handed copies of any print you’d like, or email me via contact form and I can pick a poem to randomly select for you. Otherwise, wish me luck until my first book is published!

Much love,

Cheers to my self made voyage. 

Amaris Jacobs