A sunset prayer

most High,
thank you for a new day. I recognize I still have a purpose if I’m alive and breathing a new day.(tokes herb) bless my creativity, artistry, and my name. elevate me from this, especially the pain. Rid those with envy and jealousy; rid the silent enemies, especially the ones I cannot see.
bring good hearts back to me.
fill my void with your love
my heart is weak.
renew strength in me.
you do more than plenty for me.
forgive me if i’m blind and wrong,
but there are obstructed realities
I can’t stand to live what I see, and
only some will know what I mean.
renew the lens for we.
bless my herb, creativity, and artistry.
falling falling in between. Kendrick said,
who prayin’ for me?
ain’t nobody prayin’ for me.

ain’t nobody prayin’ for She.


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