I could’ve stayed home today
but I’m seeking inspiration
I should’ve stayed home today
it’s the same old vortex in a class
that eats my heart away
(I wonder what she think when she’s caught up in your lips)
I guess I’m my own inspiration
as always
but I’m not feeling it today.
once you’re bruised
it takes more than a day
You’re lucky your troubles aren’t similar to ours,
you’re lucky everyday
institutionalized because they don’t want you to win the marathon, their race
I won’t be first in the race
I’m a statistic
it’s probably because of my race
I could’ve stayed home
but instead I’m focused on the race
they focus on my speech, clothes, culture, and my race
they focus on my race
their marathon, their race
you’re lucky everyday.


C0c0nut Milk

I’m drinking coconut milk
I sip it from the jar I recycled
a dab of cinnamon in my coconut milk
I chopped bananas mangos and oranges as my side too
I want to pack my things, plants and dog, and
just leave.
Be careful with the leaves! They’re sensitive,
They’re sensitive, just like She.
I question reality
I’m nauseous from 1 2 & 3
I’m drinking coconut milk
I threw a flower in my jar to make it pink
Butterflies surround She.
It’s almost as if I’m complete
Last night, He made love to She
I didn’t see
but I know it wasn’t me.
petty petty little thing
I’m drinking coconut milk
I’m his favorite pink.
I’m his favorite drink.

He made love to another She.
I drink this coconut milk
It’s too bad all he thought of was me.

Hello, I am She.

For the people

“You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.”

Cornel West.

a proper goodbye.

Come back
and give me
give She
a proper goodbye.
When you see She
don’t. be. caught up in your lies
Kiss She
Kiss She goodbye
so classy
grip my ass and thighs.
come back
and give me
give She
a proper goodbye