Luv Child

Defined by She.

  1. an individual prone to love and lust, usually unaware of the difference between the two because he/she is intuitive and capable of loving one almost immediately.
  2. Susceptible to loving multiple partners, non sexually or sexually, depending on the individual.
  3. Wild heart and Freedom seeker, must be exposed to nature for balance & grounding. In doing so, the love child honors and returns to his/her commitment on the practices and rituals of love.
  4. A young old soul, music and book fanatic. dances. smokes herb. Not afraid to speak his or her mind for justice. Justice is Love.
  5. Prays for others, especially for World Love & Peace
  6. Shares luv. unconditionally, unapologetically, and whole heartedly.  Doesn’t apologize for loving who, or you.
  7. experiences frequent heart ache.

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