June 1st 

The mission of Art for Social change is to cultivate healing through creativity. I believe creative outlets are healthy forms of expression that copes with stress levels and unique experiences. Through activities such as yoga, dance, music, creative writing, and more, we can establish a safe space for community amongst one another. We are aware of stress and trauma, and learn further. However, we are also aware that these experiences have affected their identity, but not potential. How can we create the scars and pain into something beautiful? Art. We are bringing pride in the sorrows because these are survivors, and their voices and stories matter. As a yogi, dancer, writer, and student I find myself in a position to give and demonstrate solidarity because I myself am an individual who resonates and connects with gender and sexual oppression. Creativity is a mental exercise that re aligns the mind, body, and spirit because it requires consciousness to delve into layers of self. Our experiences are unique, and immeasurable, but we can establish change in our community through humility and creativity to move forward and remind ourself of our great strides through Art. Art is holistic in communal environments, especially when we encourage individuals to seek comfort in their emotions and experiences through creativity together, collectively. The beauty is every individual is creative! In order to harness and manifest a sense of freedom, we must individualize and discover creative preferences and abilities. The mission is to amplify the use of art and creativity, a cultural capita, to resonate back to our core human self. We research, but more importantly listen for the several avenues of creativity that exist for individuals to engage in.
(I hope this is sufficient! Let me know if you need anything else always. I apologize for the delay unexpected Memorial Day plans)
Talk soon:)

Amaris Jacobs.


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