Birthday She.

Last night I swam in the pool of my tears. I drowned, and fell asleep.

Hello, Good morning.

I’m awake from my 3rd nap. Someone pass the blunt to She. Blessed to have your love, God. You’re all and everything I ever need. Jah, you never fail me. You comfort me when I wake, walk, and sleep. Jah, bless 24 with love sex friendship money and prosperity. Abundance of blessings. Someone pass the blunt to She. Spark it up, make sure you bless my weed. Yung She is proud of me. I stay true to the core of me. Essence on essence. I love hard unconditional and unapologetically. most High, I reflect your love. The world is below the properties and elements that fuel the existence of She, of We. Lord of Love, Skies, and Universe, another year, my loyalty is yours til eternity. Faith runs deep.


I thank my Jah, Lord, and parents… this can’t be all about She.
Spark it spark it.
Make sure you bless my birthday weed. Another lap around Sun.
Hello, I am She.
Abundance of blessings.
I stay true to core of me.

Shout out to my REALest 1’s. rare & few

xo, birthday luv


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