Iron cageĀ 

I wander the hallways.
The music plays loud
I dance in this hallway-
I look at She in the window for the reflection of me.
The beat drops down
The beat travels from headphones to the layers of She.
In this hoodie I quivers, but
I hear the music (1 and 2, and 1,2, and 3)
Body moves slow. I’m weak.
Arms and torso reach.
I spin near the window on the first floor.
She’s near the window and by the door
It’s June gloom. She’s inside.
I tell Sky –

Let it rain.
Let rain.

Wash away the pain.

It’s She’s June gloom.
I dance next to the window for me.
arms and torso reach.

Iron cage.
I’m weak.
Arms and torso reach.
I’m dancing in your iron cage.