Female Dance Leads


Iron cage 

Wandering the hallways. The music plays loud loud loud. I dance in this hallway, look at She in the reflection of the window for me. She dances in the hallway when the beat drops down down down. The beat travels from her headphones to the layers of She. Baby it’s cold outside. In this hoodie, I dance, She quivers. I dance to the beat.  I hear the music 1 and 2, and 1,2, and 3. Body starts to move so slow. I’m weak. She starts to move move move. The music is loud. She dances in the hallways near the window on the first floor for She. I’m running and running wandering through the hallways. In the refelction of window. 1st floor. I dance to the beat and melody. Arms and torso reach. I spin near the window on the first floor. She’s near the window and door, dancing. It’s June gloom. I told Sky to let it rain.
I tell Sky
You’re congested. Clouds and drizzle
I beg Sky.
Let it rain.
Let rain.
Wash away the pain.

It’s She’s June gloom. So I dance next to the window searching …
I dance on the first floor next to the window with the reflection of She. I’m in the building. She is in the building. I don’t see anything or anyone, but She. I’m visible. Invisible. I dance next to the window for me, for She. I move. Slow slow slow. I move. Arms and torso reach. If you saw She, I hope you’re the victim of her weak. Nectar and sweet. June gloom. I dance in the building. She in the building. Another She looks at me. Another She. Another She. She shows love to me. Love love. Look at me.
Look at We.
I’m visible. Invisible. I dance near the window because
I’m trapped in an iron cage.
I dance in the building of this iron cage.
The beat drops.
Near the window on the first floor I dance for the reflection of She
I’m weak.
My body moves slow slow slow.
Arms and torso reach.
Dancing in your iron cage.
Dancing in your iron cage.
I wander the hallways searching for …