Love is my systemic process.

She’s so cute. She worries for me.

No, really. I don’t understand your systemic process. She thinks I throw around the word oppressed. If only She knew there are tokens, even with this light brown skin I’ve never been a token. Tokenism. Colorism. I’m not a token. Look at me. When I’m upset I code switch my speech. I’m socially deviant, because I don’t understand your institutionalized systemic process. She doesn’t fit your categorical data or framework. Look at how you look at me with my hoop earrings, a hoodie, chucks, and Arizona green tea. Cultured. Language and rhetoric, please don’t pick and choose for She. Don’t pick and choose for We. One drop rule. Look at how you look at me. Stop oppressing us. Smoke herb, blessed weed. War on Drugs. Catch a vibe with me. Play good music. Only herb and green. Blue Dream. Stop the prohibition on Ganja, Weed. Dance. Community. Throw away cocaine, heroine, crack, pills, and whatever damages the liver or makes you mean. They don’t understand my marginalized culture, and She’s beliefs. They don’t understand because I’ve created Me. Hello, I am she. So they point the finger at me. Hello I am She. And, I’m socially deviant…but I don’t understand your systemic process. They don’t understand me either, a clash of dynamics, it’s socio political economics vs cultural background. Liberation. I’m here on Earth and I’m ‘Free’. I’m qualified. Don’t you see? I’m finally free, but they don’t understand She. I’m in the institution, institutionalized. I’m confused as to who they want She to be. I can’t mold me. I’m She. Dialogue and speech on the social structure. I Rupture. No place for She. Identity. fluid. I am fluid. Age. fluid. gender. fluid. sexual identity. fluid. feminine immersed with masculine. Racial identity. fluid. multiracial.Religion. God is Love, and God is fluid. I don’t understand relationships on Earth. There’s a systemic process between woman and man. Why are they scared to love free? I don’t understand your social norms. What is the taboo when you love more than two? She loves you and you. PassionateLove. What is love on Earth? Explain. I’m confused. Misidentified. No categorical box exists for She. No. none. not even if you research on me. They research us like species or animals at the lab or zoo. Intercultural interaction is unity. Rarely a test or hypothesis to witness what works best for who. Love one another, get a clue. Systemic process. You’re so conditioned, look at me. Now, look at you.
What’s so wrong with loving you? They need so many clues. Get on your knees, and humble your self for most High. Close your eyes, praise Jah for life. Understand the wave of love interwoven with light.

I told her,

Love is my systemic process.




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