I thought we were allowed to love whom ever. Congested She. I’m tender. You forgot about me. You always forget about my feelings and me. Now, I can’t address me as me. Hello, I am She.

I’m She the representation of broken woman, We.
I too mean nothing to a He.
I am She.
love who doesn’t love you back. I am She … that’s me, my heart bleeds. Care for someone who doesn’t care back. I am She. Strong, embarrassed of my weak. Weak little me, weak little me. How dare I let anyone do this to She part three million and three? Every He get away from She. Get away from me because you hurt me. Me. Me. So much so, I’m She, no longer Me. Hello, I am She. I hear the stories of He. More than one She. Not special like the He’s have made us out to be. Just another little She. I’m strong and I’m weak. Shame on He for playing with She. Shame on me for my naive. Love, it’s the creation of naive. They think I’m naive. But, I love respectfully. My lovin’ is nectar and sweet. Joy is contagious when you sit next to me. Smile for She. Look at that smile. You’re weak for She. Laugh for me. Look at those dimples. You’re weak for She. Come closer to She. Tease she. Tease She. I’m so naive. But I’m conscious when I love and speak. Love you til  time becomes obsolete. I need a new muse, I’m incomplete. My art was much of you making She weak. I just want to be a piece, a piece of the reason for your happiness. What is love on Earth. I don’t know that.
Wrong on Earth for loving. I know that. I’m She. My love is wrong on Earth.
The unpublished poem from She.
You forgot to kiss me Goodbye.


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