The She’s.

Happy Venus Friday, Readers. 

Happy for the ones that found love.But, My boo has something to express on this Venus Friday. I love you J, you’re tender and strong at the same time. You deserve happiness. Explore your freedom! 


“Hey, my name is J and I’m a 22 year old girl who is just experiencing a very bad, complicated breakup that changed me for the best✨. Here’s my story.
4 years being together and I thought She was the one, oh how I was naive. I hate that I took the blame for our break up, for everything, just so you can feel ok and feel better because you were hurting. Me? Now I’m hurting, constantly! Because I gave you the closure you needed, but how about when I needed mine? You ignored me…made me feel stupid and said no in front of my face… saying “there’s nothing else to talk about” with those hateful eyes of yours. Thanks love, you really know how to make someone feel better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate you… I still love you, sadly. Because you were my first, I will never forget you (even though I’m trying so hard to. The memories hurt too much) but I’m growing ✨💫 and I’m going to be ok, I know I’ll be ok. I can say I’m doing way better than I was 4 months ago. You said in front of my face “you werent hurting how I was, I was alone, I had no one” honey, I was feeling alone too, don’t you see how bad you hurt me? You said I knew your intentions and you didn’t use me but in all honestly…. you used me to the max! Even if it wasn’t your intention you made me feel used, completely used. Keeping me around after the breakup so you can feel ok and once you were ok, you threw me away like I was nothing. It’s ok though, we’re all good. I just don’t want any connections with you at ALL. You leaving me made me realize that I needed to focus on myself because I lost myself in the relationship. So thank you for that 💓 I’m just going to keep doing me, hangout with my amazing friends who make me feel that I am worthy and enjoy smoking gods giving gift of a plant with them 🍁 and listening to amazing music. I’m out ✌🏼💫✨🌼” – J


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