7:55 AM.
Sun salutations from my bedroom window. I received, time I share.
honor who you are!

She in Shades
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
 I notice a shift in the atmosphere, individuals molding them self to who they’re not. Do not allow peer pressure or societal norms to devalue your worth. Do not compare yourself, reject the old, let go of what doesn’t serve or deserve you. Recognize • there is power in your choices •
2 words/1 Sense: role model: BE YOU. Y’all are beautiful when you accept and present your authentic self. A simple reminder to acknowledge your light, even if  you think your light is dim at the moment. Don’t ever forget.. light is LIGHT, therefore the dimmest light shines brightest in darkness. Love yourself. Accept all you’re worthy of deserving! But, always give loving thanks to most High first, then offer overall gratitude to people and Universe.
Lastly, don’t be afraid to remove toxic people and habits from your life to accelerate your personal growth and development.  Don’t ache without embracing, otherwise you remain stagnant. Find lessons,joy, and softness where you are right now in this stage in your life. Sending my readers so much strength and love.
Thank you Jah for LIFE


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