You’re equal to me, to She. I seek streams… river streams. Woman is river, She streams. In River streams we bathe to cleanse sins away from head to heels we dive. Inhale. immerse. Water. ready? 1 2 3. I jump whether or not you’re next to She. I swim in river of crystallized water and springs. Gone and away. My body winds from hips. I wind and unwind. Gold Mind. I’m the tunnel of Gold Mine. Music counts, 5 6 7 2. Maybe 8? It’s 4 am, and I’m in the jungle with sunglasses, no lipstick. Soul is nude. I elevate..  I’m higher than the herb I bless when I’m with or without you. I elevate…. you. Who is She? Green jungles, plants, and forests, some trees. I’m nowhere and somewhere being and living Me. Welcome. I am She. From sky to clouds it rains on me. I’m in the jungle, they said it’s nothing with out two. I dance in the jungle with my solitude. soul. is nude. Rhythms and light from Sun, Stars, and Moon. Mother Earth, I’m dancin’ in rain for you. Hips are the rhythm 1,3,4,2. It’s a garden of abundance for me, I’m She, like Eve, except I’m in the jungle with out He. River streams. No tears, but the river in me streams. Then the river over there starts to stream. Look at She. Look at me. I swim, and my hips wind, and wind so’ more. I dance. not for you. for me. but look at me while I Look at you. I’m She. Look at She. I Rise from Water. Stand on mud, palms on the ground, I feel the vibrations, I ignore to apply mud, I’m clay. Water and Strength, some play. Come play. I’m in the middle of nowhere. My feet dance with water and mud with pointed foot. If only you could see my ribs angulate. If only you can see my arms elongate. If only you could see my hips. articulate. Where is the deep river stream? I jump, I dive, I swim. Jungle and hibiscus are our gifts. I’m somewhere, but I loose sight. I dive in the stream. The clay washes away. I rise. I’m dry. I walk. She speaks, come… come play. I dry while I walk with bare feet. She appreciates the grounding from ground. Sun and Moon, mountains flowers palm trees and some rocks too. So many rocks, I’m trippin’ over 1 and two. I’m She with out you, but I Bet after reading this poem you could use some me near you.  She kisses your lips for you. No lipstick. because.

















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