I’m fading fading away.. up in the clouds of nonsense I sway. I was World, now I’m Galaxy. I was Galaxy, now I’m Universe. Andromeda. Where does her power come from? I Bless the herbs. I toke. Boom there goes the pretty shapes of my smoke. I’m not sure what they want. I know who I am. I’m not rehearsed. Hi? Are you bored? Live a little. judgmental. I love live and I sacrifice some. I sacrifice for the intellect of where I’m from. Extra terrestrial. Learn from mistakes, let go. Fun. Talk none. She said talk 0ne. I’m up and done. I’m Mars, where are my oceans? Extinction in Mars is the notion. Galaxies and planet beings, look at what they do to us, it’s E.T. Versus Elite. I’m extra terrestrial in this sky that lights the stars to beam. She beams when She sleeps. I join your sheets. Light years of we. Please. Yeah please me. It’s not my turn.. I climb in the ladders of sky to level 1, two, and 3. You can’t see what I see. Magic in her room. My Angels, why should I live for elites, and not for me? Join me. Join me. Milky Way next to my chest and shoulders. All this light in She. I have a couple galaxies in me. Electric. I wait to float to starry warm night at 11:11. 11:11 galaxies next to me, shining stars watch me. She speaks, Angels take me to climb ladders of sky level 1,2, and 3. Not my turn


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