Last night’s journal.

Event: Academic Honors Banquet (buffet)

Written Journal.

I sit at these functions. I see some familiar faces. I sit alone next to powerful people. Have I placed myself in a position of unapproachable.. ? Vibes. I don’t wish to mingle, but voices chatter, and the people mingle. Small talk leads to small minds. Equilibrium. I hear voices, the event hasn’t started, but I’m already sure I want to exit and leave. Who are these people and what do they believe? I’m in disbelief, the intellectually elite turn their posture away from me. I’m sorry, I sit where I’m suppose to be. Arrogance. I’m sensitive, my appetite leaves. Water because I’m nauseous from overdose of arrogant elites. I chose not to eat. Hmm…in this room, who is among me? Doctors, lawyers, or who? Politicians? All of this for who? what do we aspire? And who do we aspire to be?
Is it odd that I’m probably the only one who learns to exit reality to find Free? So much privilege, can we speak some reality?
Damn…this is why I’m nothing in society. What am I building for…
God, help me build some more. I really need to get lost to release. Living in crowds of elite while I’m caught up in my Dreams.
Bring humility in here for the love of God. please.
The voices of our generation from intellectually elite, but no mention or action of We.
It’s interesting to me..
I wonder who I’ll be?

She attempts to take the flowers on the table from me. Oh, but they’re not for me. I grab them to give to the student mother who weeps


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