Calibliss Kami ~ Kawaii Kami

My 8teen y/o baby girl Maia Layo has something to express:

I go by Calibliss Kami or かわいい神 (Kawaii Kami) 🌻

I’m pissed for letting myself fall in love with someone who calls me a queen 295 miles away yet treats me as a drunk late night phone call or just someone to reply to on their free time. My music, herbs, dancing, and my new friends are the only thing keeping me sane right now. I came across some beautiful songs this morning that helped me cope, escape and think. Here’s the playlist I’ll keep slowly adding too. 😋🌈🌻🎶✨

My love. You are Art, and my inspiration. Thanks for hookin’ my blog up ❤✨🐝

She is Art. Maia Layo.


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