Sex trafficking in LA

Sex Trafficking in our Los Angeles County:

Hey Readers. sos! yesterday I spoke with a female representative from an organization Journey Out for survival of victims in LA of sexual abuse/ trafficking. I asked her a couple questions specifically for *our county* and I think everyone should open awareness. Unfortunately, the most increasing target population are young Asian women and boys (teenagers and younger, race was not exclusive). I asked her where in our Los Angeles county is most affected? She emphasized “the whole county”. But I was curious to hear a specific city/ location to spread awareness on safety, and raise the consciousness level. According to my source it’s sadly “the San Fernando Valley, more so Sylmar and Sun Valley, and also Central LA.” Friends, please be safe.
The way these victims are identified is actually through Facebook, and their use of code words. Pay attention to your friends status and behavior if you see/sense an interesting shift.
I also collected a survey from her that was much broader in overall perspective of our LA county. Here are some statistics and data on the communities served/client population (source: Prostitution Diversion Program):

Clients by Gender:
97% female 2% transgender 1% Male

Clients by Country of Origin:
63 % US vs 37 % for countries not US

Clients by Ethnicity:
33% African American 23% Asian 16% Hispanic 17% Caucasian 11% Biracial

Clients by Age Group:
36% 18-24 y.o 40% 25-39 y.o 2 4% over 40 y.o

Also here is data from their handout “411 on Pimps” (literally.)

“Pimps believe they are helping girl by showing them how to make money” such as “Girls have sex for free and like it, so why not get paid for it”. Pimps believe “the more a girl depends on me, the more power I have over her.” Pimps also never get emotionally involved with young girls, but make sure to target most girls who have low self esteem to use them as property.

Here are some pimp tactics:
– they will be the best boyfriend you ever had.
– they will try to get under your skin
– they will try to make you feel uncomfortable and get you to talk.
-they will listen to your problems and dreams.
once they find out your problems and dreams, they try to make you believe they will end your problems and make your dreams come true.
– Take you out to brag
– They wait until you show emotions, after that they will turn the relationship around
– they make you believe no one cares for you but him.
– they will try to convince you making money is the right way to live
– they will try to make you understand that no one believes you like he does.
– they will distance you from family and friends with out your awareness to control you.

According to my source, “It all starts with mind games…” Be careful everyone. Thank you Ms. Cherise Charleswell from Journey Out!


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