Burbank junction with Má & Pops

Rest In Peace Father

You continue to amaze me in your after life. I spent time with beautiful mom. Just like us, mom and I went on an adventure. We tried to grab ice cream at the Baskin Robbins near our favorite spot, Snookies Cookies, but a young girl was there with her pet horse. She and her horse were a sight, and unintentionally caused traffic. The line for scoops of ice cream was out the door. Mom and I couldn’t wait. My dog Leo was in the car. I wish Leo could meet you! You’d love him. He’s hilarious and he loves some strangers, kind of like you and me. To fill the time, Má and I took care of errands. We end up at a different location to make sure we taste our scoop of ice cream. Dad, our common family thread- good food, good music, and good drives:) “We arrive to our destination”. 2017, we have cool new phones. Technology has changed immensely. You’d be amazed! Má parks the car. Dad, I was thinking of you too.. 
I wish you could see me. I wish you could see your baby girl. Dad, I’m in college so close to getting a AA degrees. I completed our school’s academic honors program! I also received a scholarship last year, and represented my campus twice at the American Dance College Association. ACDA is my favorite memory, dad. They noticed me! I, a “community college” student, participated to dance with Cal State LA. Mom is proud of me. She believes you’d be proud of me too. I performed this year, and I wish you were in the audience. My technique and style changed since you last saw me. You’ve barely seen me perform but you’re in sky, in heaven, with the best view, of me. I love movement. I enrolled in yoga school. I finally finished training this year, too! It took me too long, but with my load and everything going on I’m satisfied with the pull through. Did you see? Are you seeing me? They address me as Miss Jacobs. I think of the honor I introduce for mom me and you. Oh Dad, I miss you, especially right now when I need you. I have so much to tell you. Dad, guess what? I got accepted to “prestigious” schools. Your baby girl is accepted to attend University! I love learning. I told you my grades didn’t prove that I was bad in school. It’s the system, I’m a sociologist now. I understand your black experience a bit more now. Can you believe it? Your baby of the family is attending University! Mom had everything to do with it of course. 

She’s mad at you sometimes, but she tells stories because I remind her of you. I love you dad. Life’s a blessing, but life isn’t easy or breezy. We work and pray hard. Look at where mom and I are. I’m that Artist.. the one we all knew I’d be. Independent soul. I live the life of a distinct humble Artist by my choices, interactions, and routine. Young activist, you taught me of my roots and this LA breed, but I’ll catch up with you later… not in LA… 

in Fiji.

Má parks the car after I finished thinking of you…

Big letters with your name at the Burbank Junction. You must of thought of me too.


I love you.


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