A home base: Pasadena

Shout out to Pasadena for taking care of your girl.
I’ll miss this routine.

The flyest, talented, and most creative individuals are based in this city. Y’all taught me a lot. Much love ❤️ I’ll make sure to bump my music extra loud when driving through the Suicide Bridge today. The historic bridge is formally known as the “Colorado St. bridge”; however, after the Great Depression occurred it became known as the Suicide bridge. Several individuals were greatly impacted by the social, political, and economic upheaval during the 1920s. Unfortunately, the name stuck around since suicides on the bridge happened during that era, and after… Some suicides are somewhat recent..

On a lighter note, most of my memories are entertaining. Cruises, music, and love. I especially enjoy sticking my head out the passenger window when cars aren’t around at night.

Happy Friday! Go bump and cruise the Suicide bridge✨🌹✨

City of Roses, I love you.



Photo & edits by She, Amaris Jacobs.


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