Solve the value.

Degrees of Freedom
Do you see my value? I’m increasing to the right as you go…
Our critical number is 6
Our p^ value is .005
She said I’m not the smallest value.
I know.
There was a question about proportions
They keep trying to calculate me, but
I’m a hypothesis test
What’s your claim on She?
What’s our claim value?
I can’t give you a sample size
I’m all or nothing-that’s the p-value or t-value or z-value
They try to solve me
But I’m a dense critical function
She keeps trying to calculate me
It says:
Degrees of Freedom. I press seven.
seven. seven.
She said “Anything else you have questions on?”
it said:

She doesn’t see…
I am the Question.
I’m a dense critical function
What’s my probability?
Am I normal or uniform?
I’m neither.
But I am the Distribution.
I distribute.
Equally I distribute love to We.
She asked “What’s the area of a rectangle?”
I only believe in the area of a circle.
Circle equals one.
She calculates the conditions of the rectangle, but there are boundaries.
Solve the reciprocal.
7/1 because Divinity is seven plus four, which equals two one’s.
Hold on. She said “Recall from section 6.6”
“What’s the sample size?”
“…it’s going to determine what you should do next.”
Good because I haven’t had a clue on what to do next.
“What’s the average?”
I wouldn’t know…
I’m not average.

She is immeasurable
but my quantity isn’t bigger than One.
The sample mean of me equals me.
because the estimator can’t average She.
I have so much proportion to my variety
“Lastly… interpret.”
I told you. It says:
Standard error
Confidence interval…
I’m “confidently lost”.


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