Here I am

I want to hide. I want to runaway…but here I am. Here I am contemplating what I should or shouldn’t reveal next.
She said “Tell them.”
Tell who? Tell what? Is anybody listening?
So many listening styles – Relational, task oriented, but…
They counterfeit the questions. It’s over now…
I need you more than you thought. I need you more than I’m willing to admit.. they have me analyzing and thinking critically. They’re right. Added. Tag on. They’re right.
I’m thinking about you..
I’m going to get lost, ok?
I’m in the nebulas swimming the intricate galaxies. Do you see me?
No. Well, then come and see me.
Come and be One with me.. away away away. I’m sayin’
Let’s get high and go love away 
I’m getting lost because I need me. Join me- my Spirit feeds We.
I’m back on Earth. I run the fields with flowers mountains and sun. Yes, Sun.
Shine on me sun. Where is my lover, sun?
You keep crossing my mind.
It’s foggy. Sun, where is my lover? You keep giving me clouds.
This weather has me sick. You took the shine from me…
I’m like a pale rock. A pebble.
I wish I was bolder. I wish I wasn’t a pebble, but instead a boulder.
But I am a pebble. Run away with me..
run run run. Climb climb.
We can see new sights. We can reach new heights
Love me. Love me stupid. Love me numb. Love love love…
that’s all they ever talk about.
I’m running on empty.
They’re right. They have me thinkin’ critically and analytically.
They have me thinking about you.

I’m getting lost because I need me.


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