No. really..

I’m sensitive.

I’m sick as dog. I have a cough. Who came up with that expression? Anyways, My immune system is weak. Perhaps, I sound dramatic because people are unaware of my sensitivity. *sniffles* But, I haven’t been sick in weeks. I don’t usually get sick. I’m weak.

It’s monday. no capital ‘m’ today. I’m not feelin’ it.

I have a cough. All I want to do is sleep. I haven’t watched TV in about 2 years..that’s “2 million weeks”.

I try every so often. I did it once. I watched TV that one day… when I got rejected. Man, here I am. *coughing* & I can’t believe I wrote all over my exam. Who the hell do I think I am? *sigh* I’m going to laugh at myself when I’m 40.

Hopefully I’m in good-looking shape.

but speaking of 40.. who will I be when I’m 40?

The future is unclear, and honestly that scares me. I keep taking leaps. I’m weak.

Quite literally. I’m weak. I haven’t been this sick in weeks.

I’m delusional, it’s like my life passing deep beneath the sand.


I wish I was 6 doing handstands on the beach sand.

I just want to be Great.

Whatever that means… to Me.

I am melting.

I’m melting.

No, really.

I have a fever. And it’s really hot in here. This long sleeve is killing me. Wow, Lola & Lulu (my plants) are growing new leafs. Hmm, that means we are blossoming. I see myself blooming with thee.

Sorry, I like old English. I actually think it’s hot and romantic. Hmmm…

I’m weak. I’m haven’t been sick in weeks. I’m leaving to drink some hot tea.

Much love & peace,

from ama-reeeeeeeeez



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