Holistic Angel

My professor. My mentor. My healer. I love this woman so much. She resuscitates me constantly. The most persistent being after I obnoxiously quit dance. She makes sure to remind of the importance of expression versus technique, convincing me constantly that I have what I need. She grounds me. Ms. Banks made sure to drill in my mind to prioritize dance as much as I do academics. Reminds me constantly that “I’m a dancer” even tho sometimes I feel i’m an amateur. Thankful is an understatement for her presence in my life. She encourages me in all areas of my life. She has the best style, music, warm ups, and choreo. I love her most when she plays her tambourine when we do across the floor. Like many of my prof. and mentors, I just pop in her office randomly. I basically cry and vent to them during my stressful and happy times. But Ms. Banks always brings me to her arms and let’s me have a goooood cry on her shoulders 😖😊 Ms. Banks, you are everything I aspire to be. I want to show off my muse. My dance legend ❤ 1 of the many people of Pasadena that I can’t live with out. I love her.


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