Inglewood,what’s good? The food.

Inglewood, the bombest soulfood.. if you a visitor and don’t show love to the hood, then you are a life long tourist. Don’t be scared of the baggy clothes, low riders, and floss. The good food exists in Inglewood. My pops and I use to cruise streets and listen to music. We always ate Woody’s BBQ on Crenshaw and Slauson…

I don’t live out there anymore, but my mom still works there. She occasionally surprises me with a plate of food when I come back from home school or work. My face always lights up! I’m a conscious meat eater. I’m not a vegetarian; however, I don’t eat meat everyday. I think of our ecosystem and I try to maintain my temple clean. HOWEVER, because I love my southern Mississippi roots I give myself cheat days. 

Woody’s BBQ is comfort food for LA hood. Located on Crenshaw and Slauson. Repetition baby, Don’t be bougie. Inglewood is poppin’ with historic value. 

When feeling fancy mom and I eat Mr. Dulan’s or Harold and Belle’s creole food. Wow my mouth waters…

I can barely finish this post. My eyes water with my mouth. Grandma and grandpa visits on the stoop. I use to get my hair brushed with jojoba oil in Inglewood. I got my first braids in Inglewood. Bike rides with dad around the city. My momma still works there. I’m forever connected… I love you Inglewood. Here’s a picture of baby me in the “hood”. Hoods only exist because y’all too fearful to visit, and show love.


Stay shady.




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