Summer in LA

Pacific Coast Highway playin’ West Coast hip hop, rnb oldies, and surfers music. Your play list needs to last you a minimum of 4 hours because you’ll never want to leave. Bring a big speaker, snacks, sweater, lots of water, and an umbrella. Make sure you turn your car off. Don’t let the car battery die!

Watch surfers, and do cartwheels on the beach sand. Oh! Smoke ganja after you Turn your car off… Otherwise, you spend summer nights stuck in the parking lot with Beach gazing Stars with friends waiting for AAA. Your destination is anywhere in Malibu, CA. Pay attention to where Sun shines to get warm water and a nice tan. Zuma and Point Dume are my favorite. Water is warmest in July. Speaking of July give Manhattan or Redondo Beach a try some time on 4th of July. Don’t forget to check out Santa Monica mountains, climb rocks and trees to reach the waterfalls at the top. You’ll think the hike is over, but it’s not. If you’re adventurous and don’t mind long drives keep going till you reach Ventura. It’s beautiful, rocky, mountains, and isolated. Give the area a visit too!




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