Los Angeles, you have my heart.

Enter 101 highway exit Spring St. turn right on Hill end up in Chinatown and enjoy the view. Hop back on the Pasadena fwy exit Academy Road turn right on the historic Solano Canyon stop at Elysian Park and enjoy the view. Keep driving down Academy Road till you reach a dead end turn right on Stadium way then you’ll see the gray Simon lodge, that’s your view… bask at the sight of mountains and city. Keep driving down. Keep driving down till you reach Riverside. You’ll see Allesandro elementary school, that was the first preschool I went to. I helped paint the walls one day. If you see it now, it’s still covered with beautiful artwork. I had my first crush on a boy named Enrique. He had a crush on me too, and gave me a gift of a glow in the dark plastic turtle. It was tiny- smaller than the palm of my hand, but I loved that it lit up. Keep driving down till you pass Fletcher you’ll see beautiful fusia Bougainvillea and trees. Look to your right-the prettiness covers the 5 freeway. That way cars driving by don’t see the homeless to the right of their drive. I look to my right as I drive. We both look to the right, but I see homeless camping next to the freeway. We don’t have the same view…

Keep driving down. Keep driving down. I love going under the bridge…

I forget what it’s called…

I keep driving down. I stop at the park. I turn to my left and buy fruit with that hard working woman who stands in heat with Sun. She gives me a smile, and extra chile y limón. I’m at William Mulholland Memorial Park. Pretty roses. The gorgeous water fountain lights up after dark. Bring a blanket, play music, dance, and have some fun.

Keep driving down. You reach Griffith Park.. you’ll see the pony ride station to your right. My fondest memories there. Mom and Pops took me to ride ponies on weekends to show me some love. I always thought I was there to show Animals love.

I use to roller skate on Griffith Park’s pavements on the sidewalks on Sundays until Sun chose to go dark. I loved going down the hill even though I scraped me knees and bled a ton. LA is fun! Los Angeles, you’re home.

I’m LA home grown. Welcome to this city, but I’m LA homegrown. Show some love  to LA. It steals heart.

LA, loyal to my soil. Childhood memories, now I’m adult and Home grown.

🙏🏽 ✨ 🌃 💙

Much love LA and Happy Sunday.

Amaris Jacobs



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