Spring, I’m sprung.

I spend time outside to reboot.
Sun, I crave to be your one and only. You shine. You are our spot light. I roll my neck to glare at you. Shoulders, elbows, and fingertips reach to you. One gaze. You’re seductive. I can’t touch you. One gaze. Hypnotic. all of you. It’s Spring, I’m sprung.
Rejuvenated, refreshed, and pretty. I sat with Flower in the rays of Sun for you. Sun, you are my spotlight. Tanned skin. I’m caramel. And, I glisten because of you.
I arrive slowly to the pathway of me. Head and sit bones connected to Earth. I sit. Spine stacks. I sit. I’m a Flower that sinks in the grass.
Tell them to start the hourglass.

Connect me and charge She.

Inward I travel to Me.

She’s right.. 
Memories. I saw old photographs of me. I use to invest a lot more in She.
I turn my head right.
then, I turn my head to the left. I prefer my face to face the direction of my heart.
Fields of flowers. More than my imagination can surpass. Two main Flowers on the grass. One Flower grew over me. Do I see clearly? I bring myself up to my knees. She speaks to me.
Bow your head to surrender. You’re attached to struggle and intensity.
I stare at her 6 breaths in row. I bow my head. Jah.
I’m flawed. Yeah, I know.
I bring myself to knees. Palm of hands together near the Heart of She. In serenity and peace, I hear and feel the beats and melody. The flower looks at me. She speaks and cries to She.
I’m flawed. 
I reply Yeah, I know.

Aren’t we all?
She’s perfect in her imperfection, but She needs me. I tell her what She needs.
You brought me to my knees just to speak. I love to love your flaws. You’re my treasure in discrete. Most beautiful internally and externally. Do you pretend you haven’t heard it from me?
Nectar down her cheeks.
It’s Friday. Love is the ritual of my sanctuary.
Mad love to remind her and She of Love and Passion in synch.
Flower so pretty stares at me.
Mesmerized. She kisses me.
My lips turn Red as She
She shares her luxury of beauty and wealth with me.
She made love to me.
It’s Spring, I’m sprung.
After her kiss on my lips, I was dizzy. I lift myself up. I stumble on my stroll. I stumble ’til I fall..
I fall deeply. I’m in love with a Flower.
Another kiss on the lips to turn my lips red.

It’s Friday. Love is the ritual of my sanctuary.

It’s Spring, I’m sprung…


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