New Moon, where are you?

I lacked time to ponder.

I finally had a moment to myself. My thoughts were loud.

As the sun began to set I walked on grass. So much time spent on cement. I was beginning to disconnect from mother and within.

Ground me again because I’m definitely humbled again.

Sacrifices of the heart seem to do that over and over again. I need to heal again.

I walked on the grass. I don’t yearn to talk or interact. Instead, I beg Wind to flirt with my flesh. On the grass I pace back and forth. I walk to ground myself again. I walk on grass to connect to Mother. My eyes missed sky and trees. But I also miss the inside of me. I close my eyes to inhale. Center me, please. I’m back in my zen.

The grass is green. I dance alone. I don’t want to speak. The sun begins to set. I wait for New Moon. I wonder…If I should..

invite you back in?

Will you invite me again? Be my muse, and inspire me again.

New Moon, I’m impatient for you. Wake me to my New again. I’m in so many layers.

I re invent my mosaic once again.


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