I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. Blank face with pouty eyes and lips. I stared at her for 5 minutes.
(thought) “I haven’t seen you in so long. Look at you.
Mascara down her face. Burgundy lipstick in it’s perfect place.
I stared in the bathroom mirror, and I looked at her. I looked at She.
(thought) “Why.. do.. I have this sensation … of pain and suffering?”
No reply.
She’s an addict. I go to sleep.
I wake up in the morning at 5 am. I’m up before Sun. I’m disgusted I taste her blood. I fell asleep with my lamp on. I guess She couldn’t handle a night alone with out Me. My eyes and lips are dry from tears. So dry that her face stiffened and cracked. I’m disgusted I taste her blood of pathetic and weak. Crying over a man who doesn’t deserve She. Crying over people who don’t deserve Me. No one is worth the pain and misery. I told them to hide She when She’s weak.
I run to the bathroom. I turn on the shower to cleanse this She.
(thought) “God, he makes me so weak.
I crave love at least twice a week.
She’s an addict.
I stare in the mirror- pouty eyes and lips.
(thought)”Why does this happen to me?”
I’m starting to think She’s naive.
I’m so good at loving, I don’t think the problem’s She…
She’s an addict.

She craves love at least twice a week.


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