Last week & the day before yesterday on Monday.

I sit in our hotel room. I don’t have time to escape. We’re by the sea, so I pretend we’re in Hawaii…

My heart weighed heavy for too long. I was uncomfortable in my flesh. Now, I’m comfortable in my flesh. I can’t stay inside anymore.. (thought) “When do we find ourselves?” I can’t stay inside anymore…

I share a room with another She, a dancer from China, 10 years or so older than me, than She. She’s a wife, mother, and dancer. My back is her view when I face the pretty curtains with flowers. Thick clouds behind chiffon are my view. I’m trapped in the inside of me and you.  We are one, but I don’t truly know you… We speak. She speaks. language barriers. She speaks to me… No barriers when hearts are open. We speak. Together we understand She’s.

I’m nauseous. I’m weak. Story telling. She’s in disbelief.

I yearned for one person to understand me. We speak. She speaks. She listens to She.

She understands me.

Here’s She’s confession. I’m embarrassed – I’m weak. This is who I was on Monday last week. I write in my notebook. My sun glasses on the table show me the reflection of She. I’m embarrassed- I’m weak.  This is who I was Thursday this week.

Hide She when I’m weak.


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