Broad Spectrum

I toss and turn in the middle of the night. I can’t sleep. At 3 am, I roll over to grab a book from my shelf next to Bed. I read. I’m reading. I wait. I remain stranded in the place of unknown. I wait for answers for future to unfold. 5 months,  I wait in hope to know. In 5 months, I’ve grown. I hear the stress yelling of my unknown. So, I dance and create to meditate. Anxiousness has kept me late. I dance in night with warm light. I’m perplexed by my creative Zone.

… Last week World was mad at me. I can’t prioritize. They can’t see. They couldn’t see how much I fiend for me. They try to tame the emotional sheaths of Me. I miss soul. I missed me.

… Last week, I broke in piece. ‘Diamondz are made under pressure‘? I haven’t been this buoyant in weeks. I released. The pressures of World have She meek. Now, I can’t sleep.

I’m in a broad spectrum of She. I reclaim so many parts of Me. It’s 3 am, I’m lost in my creative.

I can’t sleep.

Should I be guilty? I haven’t been this buoyant in weeks.


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