The sacrifice of She.

A riddle.

I couldn’t breathe. I wrote notes on printed paper “God bless our atmosphere“. She is 1. “Most High enter creativity”. “Bless for we’re 1 with our all.

Thoughts swam in my head. Words from my mouth swam across the crowd. The crowd was amongst me, amongst She. I wasn’t me or She. I was amongst We. She was SHe. I sacrificed (my) Voice. I sacrificed so much of She.

She spoke Jah into existence. They felt the peace, love, and prosperity. We are One in our existence. I imagine what’s next for me, for She. I sacrificed so much of Me. I sacrificed so much for She’s. I sacrifice +Heart+ +Spirit+ and +Mind+ for She and We. Humanity, look at She. -My dream is Unity-. You’re making Me speak because World needs a little bit or more of She. Hear SHe speak. Butterfly. I have my own Wings. I fly distance like a Hummingbird during Spring. I couldn’t believe that was Me. I couldn’t believe I was She. I lived, but o Jah o did what He did to Me. Rebirth and Evolution, who is She? I found a pause in We. What’s happening. New Moon. 🌙 awake 🌙 The biggest mystery to Me.

Jah bless our (R3ATiViTY. ^




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